What Are Blogs?

What are Blogs?

Having heard the term previously but not having paid much
attention most are just to afraid to show their ignorance
and ask the question, what is a blog? Lets face it; the
term blog does not conjure pleasant images.

Blogs are web logs that are updated regularly, s  https://Charlie-Day.com  https://SkinSaps.com  https://TopShoesGuide.com  https://HausaCinema.com  https://WhatCamCorders.com  https://CoffeeBaze.com  https://TrueTechJournal.com  https://GamerOfficials.com  https://PetAnimalScare.com  https://CelebMastery.com  https://FallsViewsCasino.comusually on a
daily basis. They contain information related to a specific
topic. In some cases blogs are used as daily diaries about
people’s personal lives, political views, or even as social
commentaries. The truth of the matter is that blogs can be
shaped into whatever you, the author, want them to be.

Where Did Blogs Come From?

The roots of blogging can be traced back to the mid 1990’s.
Who the very first blogger actually was is unclear, as the
art of blogging did not really take hold until 1999. The
original “weblogs” were link-driven sites with personal
commentaries. The very first blogs were human guided
Internet web tours. While initially thought of as diaries
or online journals, blogs have evolved into the latest
fresh web content.

The Future of Blogs

A buzz word in techie circles, “blogging” is the wave of
the future. Whether its a fad, or proves to be a new way to
communicate with existing and potential customers it
deserves at the very least a cursory look.

Why is Blogging Helpful to Businesses or Individuals?

Just as animated .gifs were once cool, blogging is the
trendy thing to do. That does not mean that it is n