How to build an Algorithmic Trading Bot Using Python

To successfully build and run a trading bot in Python, the first step is to install the Python programming language on your computer. Python is widely used in the finance industry due to its versatility and extensive library support.

We recommend using a custom build of ActivePython that includes all the necessary packages for building trading bots. This custom build simplifies the installation process and ensures youe have all the tools you need. You can download and install this custom build by following the instructions provided in our tutorial.

Additionally, we will introduce the Robinhood platform and the robin-stocks package, which will be used to access real-time portfolio and market data. These tools are essential for creating a trading bot that can make informed trading decisions based on up-to-date market information.

Why Choose Python for Trading Bots?

  • Python is a versatile and powerful programming language with a wide range of libraries and frameworks that are beneficial for algorithmic trading.
  • Python’s simplicity makes it easy to read and write code, enabling traders to quickly implement and test their trading strategies.
  • Python has an active community and extensive documentation, making it easier for traders to find support and resources when building their trading bots.
  • Python’s flexibility allows traders to easily connect to various broker APIs and access real-time market and portfolio data.

By installing Python and the necessary packages, you will have a solid foundation to start building your own algorithmic trading bot. Let’s move on to the next section where we will explore how to access financial data for your trading bot.

Accessing Financial Data for Trading Bots

In order to build a successful trading bot, you need access to reliable financial data. This section will guide you through the process of accessing financial data using the Robinhood platform and the robin-stocks package in Python.


With these tools, you will be able to retrieve real-time portfolio and market data to inform your trading decisions.

1. Creating an Account on Robinh