Who is Richard Bulman?

  1. Don’t be intimidated. We live in a small town that draws a lot of wealthy tourists in both the summer and the winter. Most of these galleries cater to this demographic, but they also welcome the locals. Sure, the curator may be dressed quite nice and look very professional, and you may be dressed in old jeans, but the curator is there is help.
  2. Ask questions. Since this is part of the curators job, take advantage of the curator. Talk to them! e https://nhacaiuytin.group/They don’t care who you are, most are excited to have the chance to discuss the art in their gallery. Yes, they are there to sell the pieces in their gallery, but for most, art is a passion and they love the opportunity to discuss and share with anyone who shows interest. The more people they can teach about appreciating art, the better it is for the art world.
  3. Realize that if you really like a piece of art, you can purchase it. A good curator will not snub you for how you are dressed or your social standing. As any good businessman knows, everybody’s money is green. Most any modern art gallery offers payment plans or lay-a-way for their art. This is a great way for the every day person to start collecting art, or to just pick up a single piece that they really like.

So, if you have any interest in art, or think you might, going to visit a modern art gallery is the perfect place to start pursuing this potential interest. Don’t be intimidated, ask a lot of questions, and if you find a piece that you really like, feel free to purchase it. It may seem like a splurge that you don’t really need, but the feeling you get every time you look at that piece of art, will make it worth the price you pay.