Personal Blogging, Documentary, and History

For many years, the act of making a documentary was

meant to be an objective act of reporting the sights and

sounds that the filmmaker, writer, or photographer

encountered. However, in contemporary times there has

been a movement towards embracing theiWonder
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inherent in the documentary form. This means that

modern documentaries often reflect the distinctive

voice and sensibility of their creator, and the fact that

todays documentaries often revolve around personality

blurs the lines between documentary and memoir. Blogs

rest somewhere between these two genres, muddying

the distinctions even further. Personal blogging,

documentary, and memoir are now irrevocably

intertwined, for better or for worse.

Although few bloggers think of themselves as making

documentaries in any formal sense, every time

somebody sits down in front of a computer and types up

a record of their day, they are documenting their own

historical moment. The things that we take for granted

about our daily lives, like the way that we use specific

modes of transportation, or the kinds of products that

we buy, often seem quite fascinating to people who live

in circumstances different from ours, and it is this kind

of fascination that is at the heart of many documentary