Important Computer Tips to Consider

Using a broadband or DSL connection dramatically increases your exposure to being hacked. It only takes an average of 15 minutes being online before a home-based computer is attacked. The only true way to protect a computer from a hacker is to install a hardware firewall.

In addition to being informative, your online computer repair session can save you both the efforts and money. As a sincere computer enthusiast, you cannot compromise your PC’s safety. When it comes to pesky technical errors, the ideal way to make sure your PC is protected against virus, spyware and other security threats

If you suspect your computer is infected with malware, immediately stop all your shopping, banking and other online activities that involve user names, passwords and other sensitive personal information and run a complete scan on your computer. Turn off your wireless adapter when you’re not using it.

Prepare a Plan… Think of how you usually use the internet. How many computers do you have access to? Or have access to you? Does each of those computers have malware protection installed? Even if it does already you may need to install more than one product just to be double sure…