Domain Name Extensions to Notch Up Cyber Crime

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According to the experts’ words of warning, the beginning of the Internet addresses could offer some fresh conclusions towards Cyber Safety. It could present several new opportunities to the cyber-criminals. These addresses are compiled in the non-Roman draft format.

From this year onwards all the scripts composed in the non-Roman language will be accepted in the Internet domain names. For the Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Number, they will accept this domain names for the first time.

The Internet will be poured out by all the new-fangled internationalized domain names to the users. These domain names will be offered to those users who do not use Roman alphabet as their native language.

According to an intellectual property official Cyber Safety could be at high risk. The non-Roman Internet address composed in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean can now spread like hydra. From now onwards it will be the toughest job to cut-off cyber criminals.

The Western users of Internet can now be in a serious trouble of using the Internet address. Even a lot of recognized companies such as Apple, Google, Pay Pal and Yahoo can render the same interface in all the Cyrillic scripts like the Russian script. For a Roman user the interface could appear to be more authentic whereas the Russian eye will read ‘Paypal’, for example, as ‘Raural’. Created by all the deceitful thieves a link of an e-mail could show you the way to a site which is a clone o the original one. This cloned site can later be used to harvest all the financial or personal details of the user or even can be used for stealing cash. Such continued process is known as ‘Phishing’.